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GLS Automatic Multi-ply Cutting System

GLS Automatic Multi-Ply Cutting System provides the best solutions for mass production in Textile, Furniture, Car interior, Luggage, Outdoor industries, etc. Equipped with SMART high-speed Electronic Oscillating Tool(EOT), GLS can cut soft materials with high speed, high precision and high intelligence. SMART Cutterserver Cloud Control Center has powerful data conversation module, which ensures GLS work with the mainstream CAD software in the market. GLS provides a strong technical support for customers to shift from traditional production mode to automatic production mode.


Knife Intelligent Correction System

Adjust cutting mode according to material differences

Knife Cooling System

Reduce tool heat to avoiding material adhension

Cutterserver Cutting Control System

Self-developed, easy to operate: providing perfect smooth cutting.

Automatic Film Mulching Device

Prevent air leakage, saving energy

Intelligent Fault Detection System

Automatically inspect the operation of cutting machines, and upload data to cloud storage for technicians to check problems

Pump Frequency Control System

Automatically adjust the suction force, saving energy

Knife Sharpen Compensation

Automatically compensate knife sharpen according to blade wear, improving cutting precision

Comparision between digital cutting and traditional production

-Improve production environment
-Improve production management
-Improve material utilization
-Improve production efficiency
-Improve product quality
-Improve corporate image
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