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JN Series


Packaging and Sign Industry

JN6040 body tsc.png

JN Series automatic intelligent cutting system adopts fully automatic vacuum chuck and automatic lifting and feeding platform. Equipped with various of tools, it can quickly and precisely make through cutting, half cutting, creasing and marking. It is suitable for sample making and short run customized production for Sign, Printing and Packaging industries. It is a cost-effective smart equipment that meets all your creative processing.


1. High frequency electronic oscillating knife

Material can be move various and thicker, to meet different cutting requirements

2. Combine intelligent cutting/creasing/drawing functions-meet all your creative processing demands

Cutting labels of any shape

Cutting/creasing any cardboard

3. A Precise automatic positioning system

With high-definition CCD camera, it realize automatic and precise positioning of various materials, automatic contour cutting, solving problems such as manual positioning and printing deformation, so as to acheive simple and precise cutting purpose

4. Barcode management system

Scanning barcodes allows quick reading of cutting tasks

5. Automatic feeding system

Fully automatic feeding system makes the production more efficient

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