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The SC3 High precision digital cutting system can realize through cutting, kiss cutting, milling, punching, creasing and marking functions with high speed and high precision.With stacker and collecting system, it can complete the material feeding and collecting quickly. The SC3 is quite suitable for sample making, short run and mass production in sign, advertising, printing and packaging industries.
The Automatic production workflow can be used full-time production, fulfilling the requirement of high efficiency, using the maximum capacity of the machine  to realize the 24/7 production.

Material Library

IBrightCut includes a lot of materials data and their cutting parameter in various industries. The material library can be expanded individually by th user.

Powerful graphic editing function

IBrightCut has the CAD functions that commonly used in Sign & Graphic industry. With IBrightCut, user can edit the files and even design and create files.


-User can set the shortcut icon and position according to their own habits.

-User can set the position of cutting head when finish the job.

-User can set the pump to be automatically closed when  finished the job.

Task Management

Users can set the cutting task priority according to the order, check the previous task record, and obtain the historical task directly for cutting.

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